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My professional career, experience, and skills.

Ngọc Ánh Nguyễn (Evey)

Data Engineer - Singapore, SG


A hard-working and motivated software engineer

Areas of Expertise

Programming LanguagesPlatforms / Frameworks / Libraries
Java, Python 3.xSpring, Hibernate, Flask, Flask-Scheduler
BashHadoop, YARN, Spark, Hive
SQLMySQL, PostgresSQL, SQL Server
Cron, Airflow
GCP, Alicloud
Docker, Jenkins
Version ControlForeign Languages
Git (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket)English: IELTS 7.0


Singapore Management University

Aug 2021 - Dec 2022

  • Master of Computer Technology
  • Major: Artificial Intelligent

FPT University

Sep 2017 - Dec 2020

  • Major: Software Engineering
  • GPA: 8.45/10

Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for gifted student

Sep 2012 - Dec 2015

Working Experiences

Charles & Keith

Singapore, Jan 2023 - Now

Position: Data Engineer


  • Migrated data warehouse from SQL Server to Alicloud: Successfully transferred a large amount of data from a legacy system to a cloud-based platform, improving performance (from hours to minutes) and scalability.
  • Set up CI/CD pipeline to automate deployment: Implemented a (CI/CD) pipeline to automate the deployment of data team products, reducing the time to market and improving quality.
  • Developed near real-time ETL pipeline to ingest e-commerce sales data from Salesforce: Built an ETL pipeline that ingests e-commerce sales data from Salesforce in near real-time, enabling the company to make better business decisions faster.
  • Added new features in the Data portal: Enhanced the data portal with new features, allowing users to upload and modify data, shortening the time to report, and making management easier.


  • Python Flask, SQL, SQL Server, Alicloud MaxCompute, Hologres, Vuejs, API Design, Git, Bitbucket pipeline

Sea Group

Singapore, Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Position: Data Engineer Intern


  • Analyzed Spark applications: identify bottlenecks and optimized Spark configuration for efficient resource utilization and improved performance
  • Collected Spark stat: Automated collection of Spark application statistics and generated recommendation configurations to enhance Spark performance


  • Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Python, SQL, Scala


Singapore, Nov 2021 - May 2022

Position: Machine Learning Engineer Intern


  • Processed and analyzed time-series data to develop forecasting and EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) dashboards for customer demonstrations
  • Set up Airflow using Docker, with PostgresDB as the metadata database for the backend and Redis as a message broker for the Stemly ETL pipeline
  • Packaged various forecasting models for application across different use cases
  • Integrated sensitivity analysis into Stemly API after running model


  • Python Flask, SQL, SQL Server, Alicloud MaxCompute, Hologres, Vuejs, API Design, Git, Bitbucket pipeline

Viettel Group

Hanoi, Aug 2020 - Mar 2021

Position: Data Engineer


  • Developed backend for dashboard module in the web portal (a portal to track and monitor applications in Viettel Big Data Platform) using Spring Boot and Angular
  • Created HDFS Balancer run daily to distribute data blocks uniformly between data nodes in the cluster using Java and Crontab
  • Analyzed query data from analytic teams to find out which team queried private data or which query make database overload monthly using SQL and Excel


  • Hadoop, Nifi, Java, Shell script, SQL

VTI Group

Hanoi, May 2019 - Dec 2019

Position: Java Developer Intern


  • Analyze requirement from customer
  • Designed and write CRUD API using Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL
  • Using web-socket to implement real-time application
  • Apply multithreading to improve performance
  • Write unit test using JUnit, JMockit


  • Java, SpringBoot, Hibernate, MySQL, JUnit

Side Projects

Snap capstone project: A project management tool for small to medium team size. Using EVM technique to visualize the status of cost and schedule of a project.

  • Led backend team (team of 3) and was in charge of backend-related tasks (design components, develop and deploy to Heroku)
  • Implemented MVC architecture using Java Spring Boot, MVC and real-time application using WebSocket
  • Wrote query to process data for EVM technique to visualize using MySQL

Activities and random facts

  • In my freetime, I love drawing, painting and sometime sewing
  • For outdoor activities, I often run and climb. My favorite trekking trip is in Con Dao island (Vietnam)
  • Carlito 🐱 is my cat name

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